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A Sweet Life

ASweetLife is a lifestyle magazine owned and written by diabetics who are also accomplished and recog­nized names — journalists, doctors, scientists, and advocates who have published books and essays in the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Washington Post, Popular Science, and more. We have begun to create a new kind of diabetes website that brings the highest quality of content together with a genuine community of support. ASweetLife can make a strong and positive impact on diabetics nationwide. We know we can help people take care of themselves, live well, and eat right. And we know that we can provide a level of content that is unparalleled. And since we are ourselves diabetics, its all coming right from the heart.

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Diabetes Scholar Foundation

The Diabetes Scholars Foundation will be awarding college scholarships to students with Type 1 diabetes. At least fifteen $5,000 college scholarships will be awarded to incoming freshmen. The college scholarship is not based on need but rather looks at several criteria including grades, community involvement, school activities, leadership, advocacy, and essay and letters of recommen­dation from both an endocrinologist and a high school counselor/teacher. The application will be available online on our website at www.diabetesscholars.org beginning in January. In addition we will be awarding one $1,000 college scholarship to a student with Type 1 diabetes residing in the State of Michigan with plans on attending the University of Michigan (University of Michigan D.R.E.A.M. Scholarship). And we will be offering one $1,000 college scholarship to a student residing in the State of Ohio (Josh Smith Memorial Scholarship). Those students applying to our $5,000 college scholarship program will automatically be consid­ered for the other two if they qualify.

In the past two years we have awarded almost $200,000 ($5,000 each) in college scholarships to students with Type 1 diabe­tes. Some of the schools our recipients are attending include Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Duke, Northwestern and the University of Chicago. They are an amazing group of students with very impressive accomplishments.

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The Meal Mommy

The Meal Mommy is a web-based, healthy, meal-planning tool created to help families liv­ing with Type 1 Diabetes, but its also a great resource for anyone looking to eat healthier and live happier! All meals are delicious and kid approved! Every Friday, I will send a weekly grocery list & FIVE DAYS of healthy, diabetes friendly, kid tasted recipes for dinner with all of the nutritional information included. The site also offers interactive blogs by Meal Mommy, expert psychologists, and family consultants. Also on the site, you will find up to date research, help­ful links, and featured families in the Type 1 community.

Millions of families are living with Type 1 Diabetes and many more are diagnosed each day. One of the hardest parts of managing Diabetes is figuring out what to put on your plate. The Meal Mommy is here to help Simplify Your Type 1 Life!


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