The Plan to Turn Type One into Type None

Together we Can Turn Type One into Type None

JDRF has a Plan to Change the Future

JDRF has recently unveiled its plan to turn Type One into Type None.  JDRF is the only global organization with a strategic research plan to end T1D.

But we need YOU to help us turn this plan into reality

JDRF’s plan for progress requires more funding than we have today.  As successful as JDRF has been, there is still a large gap between where we are now and what we need to deliver life-changing therapies in the future.  To acheive our vision of a world without T1D, more funding is essential.  Here is one way YOU can help us turn Type One into Type None:

*This National Walk Video was filmed at the Central PA Chapter’s Lancaster Walk to Cure Diabetes!

Your support will help JDRF turn these key research therapies into realities for people living with T1D

JDRF funded research is driving significant advances in T1D therapies, showing us that there won’t be one “eureka” moment that will cause T1D to vanish all at once.  Instead, exciting and meaningful progress will come from a series of research programs across a variety of therapeutic approaches.  JDRF research focuses on  key therapies that hold significant promise in turning Type One into Type None.  To learn more about each of these key therapies, please check out the videos below!

Artificial Pancreas


Smart Insuling